The importance of clipping your toenails

How often you should trim your nails is dependent upon how fast they grow and your lifestyle. The average person can go as long as 6 weeks before needing to trim their toenails. If you are on your feet a lot, or have an active lifestyle, then you should trim your toenails monthly. When toenails become overgrown, injury to the nail and nail plate becomes a higher risk. Once there is an injury to the nail, there is an increased risk of developing an infection such as fungal infection.

Damage to the toenail can lead to some unsightly issues. According to most insurance policies, toenail fungus is a cosmetic issue and will not, therefore, cover the treatment cost. The best way to decrease your chances of getting an infection is to keep your toenails short and clean. Address toenail injuries in a timely manner and go to a podiatrist if the injury is severe.

A great resource is a licensed nail technician. As a customer you need to be aware of the cleanliness of the salon as well as the education level of the nail tech. A good pedicurist should not reuse disposable items and will sanitize their tools after every use. As a Licensed Nail Technician, I general advice my customers to come in monthly not just to trim their nails, but also to address the skin needs of their feet. I know that the care of your feet is often neglected, but remember they are the foundation of you.

Stefanie Eldredge – Licensed Nail Technician

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