Why Does Shaving Grow Back Stubbly?

When your hair grows in, it has a tapered point. When you shave, you cut off the tapered point. As the hair moves through the growth cycle, what you are feeling is the stock of the hair. The stock of the hair feels thicker.

When you wax or sugar, the hair grows back with the tapered point. It is important to keep up with sugaring or waxing hair removal. Keeping a regular hair removal schedule will help get hair in the early stages of hair growth cycle. The hair, over time, will grow in at slower rate. When the hair is removed in the anagen stage, there can be a bit of bleeding. This is called pinpoint bleeding. When this happens, there is a good chance that that hair will not grow back in the future. Therefore, overtime the area will have less hair.

Stefanie Eldredge – Licensed Esthetician

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